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late January - mid March


late July - end of August.

About Cotton

    Cotton is well suited to the climate in Kununurra and through the utilization of GM traits limiting the impact of some insect pests, has very good production capability. Planting during the wet season allows the crop to flower and develop its fruit during the higher temperatures and solar radiation conditions during March and early April as the wet season subsides and before the cooler temperatures and shorter day length of the dry season take hold.

    Cotton production in Australia is measured in Lint bales/Ha, with each bale weighing approximately 227Kg. Australian cotton is of the highest quality in the world, and one bale can produce:

  • 215 pairs of denim jeans
  • 250 single bed sheets
  • 750 shirts
  • 1,200 t-shirts
  • 3000 nappies
  • 4,300 pairs of socks
  • 680,000 cotton balls
  • 2,100 pairs of boxer shorts

    Along with the lint, cotton seed is harvested and removed during ginning. The cotton seed is a valuable by product, with the ability to crush and extract the oil or used as a stockfeed. Kununurra is well positioned to supply the Northern pastoral industry with a local high protein feed source with the development of ginning capacity and a cotton industry in the ORIA.

KAI farm manager Luke McKay studied tropical cotton production systems as part of a Nuffield Scholarship awarded in 2018.


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